LiquidChefs is proud to partner with one of South Africa’s premium ice cream companies
to bring you ice cream like you’ve never seen or tasted it before.

Whether it’s a pineapple-and-ginger Martini or a Cosmopolitan, these are classic cocktails,
blended into rich, delectable dairy ice cream to create a cold, creamy delight.
An ice cream-cocktail transfusion with complexity and rich, deep flavour.

More dessert than digestif, our cocktail ice creams unite two elemental human pleasures –
one childlike, the other grown-up – in a single, enduring sweet spot.

LiquidChefs recommends:

Add fun and character to a traditional event with the LiquidChefs ice cream bicycle.
You can also create a multi-faceted LiquidChefs experience by adding it to one or more of our other bar offerings
(it goes particularly well with our Coffee, Cocktail or even Standard bars).


We will include a champagne bucket with dry ice to keep it cold.
We also offer an optional ice cream bicycle
(we can serve it for you or you can serve it yourself)

Cost: R25 an ice cream (served in boxes)