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At LiquidChefs, we like to keep things flowing. Which is why we suggest one bartender for every 30 people. This will make sure that there is always someone on hand to help your guests.

At any event, a bar is an oasis. It should be big enough to ensure that all of your guests can quench their thirst whenever they need to. Our bars are made up of 1 meter modules and our formula is that you need 1.5 meters (one module) for every 30 people.

LiquidChefs Mobile offers pre-event tasting sessions so that you can test the drinks you’ll be serving your guests. This is applicable to all types of bars – whether they’re serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

You can supply your own alcohol or we’ll order it for you. We’ll do all the heavy lifting: We handle delivery and collection and run electronic stock systems so that we don’t go over your budget without your consent. This way, there are never nasty surprises the next day.

Absolutely. If you’d prefer to get the alcohol yourself, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of requirements and quantities.

While your cost estimate is based on consignment, you are billed based on consumption. You only pay for what you use.

We provide a manager for every event. They’re liquid specialists and they can do anything. Our bar managers also control stock, manage the other barmen and oversee any support staff.

If you get your alcohol from us, a bar manager will run an electronic stock form so that you can keep an eye on how much is being consumed.

LiquidChefs bars come with standard glasses and cocktail glasses at no extra charge.

LiquidChefs can provide kosher and halaal services. Because we’re made of liquid passion, we love taking exciting, creative and challenging briefs.

Each staff member is put through a rigorous interview and screening process. If they get through this initial stage, they participate in a mandatory 15-hour training course. They’ll also have regular re-training sessions to ensure that they are always serving with excellence, competence and flair.

Your guest list is likely to be composed of people of all shapes, sizes and preferences. We suggest 4 different cocktails to cater for a range of tastes.

LiquidChefs develops non-alcoholic cocktails. We recommend a minimum of 4 per function.