Bar services. How different can they be, right? We’re so glad you asked that question. Because there are bar services – and then there are bar services from LiquidChefs.

We’re known for thrilling clients with stylish, streamlined and smoothly running mobile bar services that can include:

  • a Local Bar – Offering a combination of beer, wines, spirits and softs.

  • a Full Bar –  A combined with a selection of cocktails. We recommend that you choose three to four different types.

  • a Cocktail Bar – Providing cocktails only, this bar is stocked with the freshest fruits, spices and ingredients to mix into a variety of drinks.

  • a Coffee Bar – Presenting a tempting array of coffees and coffee-based drinks.

  • an Action Bar – These are the shooter bars that add life to the party, perfect for functions with a dance floor.

  • Non-Alcoholic and Juice Bars  – The perfect option for bar mitzvahs, sweet 16s, halaal events and daytime corporate functions, this bar offers smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails.

  • Pre-Made Cocktails (made-to-order delivered to your door).

You want it? You’ve got it. From the original mobile bar specialists: LiquidChefs.